Connecting Institutional Investors with ETFs

FlexShares exchange traded funds are designed to help institutional investors target their specific objectives. A pension plan sponsor may seek to manage inflation risk for plan participants while an insurance company may seek capital appreciation on surplus assets. FlexShares ETFs are “engineered” to produce persistent return attributes and serve as valuable components for portfolio construction. Our Flexible Indexing approach emphasizes transparency and cost efficiency to deliver non-traditional index strategies.

We bring investors our expertise as seasoned investment professionals intensely focused on identifying and delivering unique insights not already priced into the market. Investors can benefit from our dedication to advancing the science of index design and multi-asset class solutions and the clarity and transparency we deliver through our outcome-oriented ETF solutions. Flexshares leverages the investment expertise across our equity and fixed income disciplines to design solutions to address investor needs. Each strategy purposefully targets one or more of our fundamental investment objectives: Capital Appreciation, Risk Management, Income Generation and Liquidity Management.

As an ETF sponsor of choice, FlexShares leverages deep investment expertise, collaborative relationships with investing clients and a rich fiduciary culture to deliver distinctive ETFs.