• sustainable-investing

    Sustainable Investing:

    A Strategic Focus

  • 2011

    FlexShares develops innovative strategies built with flexible indexing to target specific investor outcomes.

  • 2013

    We implement our methodology to assess key characteristics of a quality firm, such as management efficiency and profitability.

  • 2016-1

    FlexShares uses ESG scoring and sector constraints to create diversified portfolios that tilt toward sustainability leaders.

  • 2016-2

    We combine our expertise with industry-leading data sources to measure the magnitude and
    direction of key ESG-related business issues.

  • 2021 - IMG1

    FlexShares creates strategies that combine quality factor exposure and ESG criteria for low-volatility and dividend investors.

  • 2021 - IMG

    FlexShares develops a core approach to incorporating ESG within the key building blocks of a diversified portfolio.