The New Rules in Growing
Wallet Share

Clients come to advisors with a complex set of beliefs and emotions that drive their behavior. We examined these emotions and identified five distinct client personas. Read how understanding them can help you grow wallet share.



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Think you manage all of your clients’ assets? You may be surprised.

Ask this simple question to understand different reasons why clients avoid consolidating their assets with one advisor.

How much do your clients trust you?

It may be less than you think, but you can build that trust and earn more assets by understanding their emotions.



The Rules Have Changed! How to Get More From Clients - With Bev Flaxington

This conversation takes a closer look at the behavioral research behind our five client personas. Renowned behavioral expert and consultant Beverly Flaxington shares her insights to help advisors understand clients’ behavior, build trust and increase wallet share.


Understand How Your Clients Think

Reach out to FlexShares to learn more about how to identify your clients’ personas, and what strategies work best for each one.