When we conducted our investor and advisor research in 2019 and then again in 2021 we learned a lot. But our most important learning was that there needed to be more discussion on this topic.

Whether you are seeking to build a more diverse staff or serve a more diverse client base, these conversations with people across the industry may be able to help.

We use The Flexible Advisor podcast as an ongoing forum to have conversations about how the advisory industry is taking action on diversity, equity and inclusion. The conversations are candid and sometimes difficult, but seek to reveal actions that each one of us can take to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive industry. These conversations revealed some key themes and learnings.

  • Diversity of thought is a powerful business tool.
  • Saying you ‘want diversity, but diverse candidates don’t apply’ is not adequate.
  • Understanding changing wealth ownership patterns and how to effectively serve a more diverse client base.

  • The important difference between Equity and Equality and what it means for business.
  • The power of vulnerability from the top down.
  • Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion can lead to better retention.
  • And more!

Listen to these conversations for insights on building a stronger and more diverse business that can more effectively serve changing wealth ownership patterns and a more diverse clientele.


Join advisors and industry thought leaders on The Flexible Advisor podcast for discussions about all things advisory! The podcast covers a wide-ranging line up of trends that are impacting financial advisors today. Our guests offer their insights and actionable steps that advisors can implement to better grow their businesses and deepen client relationships.