Executive Investors Have a Lot in Common No Matter their Gender

From confidence in financial acumen, time constraints and lifestyle goals, high-net-worth primary breadwinners – both women and men – have a lot in common.
Learn what these investors value.

What Executive investors value

What executive Investors Value Most

Our research indicated that while there were some variances among executives by gender and age, for the most part, this cohort is quite similar. They are very much engaged in the wealth management process and share similar views on a variety of lifestyle attributes.

#1 High Levels of confidence about finance and investmentS 

Respondents were confident in their financial and investment acumen as measured by a variety of inputs.

Financial Acumen 

When asked to rank themselves on a scale of 1-10 in financial confidence, wealth creators rated themselves above average on eight financial activities. 

FS_Win Executives P4 AcumenGraph-1


Investment Knowledge

More than half of respondents rated themselves a nine or 10 as it related to their investment knowledge. As their level of investable assets increased, the more likely they were to express higher levels of investment knowledge.

FS_Win Executives P4 InvKnowGraph-1

#2 Shared lifestyle goals and challenges 

Lifestyle was an important consideration in the wealth management experience of HNW primary breadwinners.


          Time was what HNW primary breadwinners of                both genders considered their scarcest                              resource, followed equally by energy and                          money.

Investing for lifestyle is a top priority

When considering investment performance, achieving lifestyle goals ranked nearly as high as beating market returns and generating steady income as an indicator of strong performance. Among their essential financial objectives, 21% of wealth creators said they want to minimize work and maximize their purpose.


The survey asked: “When you think about your investment portfolio, which of the following would indicate strong performance?

FS_Win Executives P5 PerformGraph

Feelings about household income

Wealth creators contribute 82% of the household income. One in four (24.5%) are the sole contributor with men’s average contribution being 87% vs 76% for women.

Respondents cited that their spouses are comfortable with the income they contribute as the primary breadwinner. However, respondents were not as satisfied with their partners’ financial contributions. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of HNW primary breadwinners wanted their spouse to contribute more.


FS_Win Executives P5 MixedSidebar

FS_Win-Executives-P5-Spouses-Pie-1        FS_Win-Executives-P5-Executive-Pie-1

#3 Executives Contribute More income, take on More at Home

These HNW primary breadwinners told us that they are taking on more household duties than their partners.


43% of HNW primary breadwinners feel if they want something done right, they have to do it themselves.

Taking Charge at Home

Most HNW primary breadwinners reported assuming more responsibility than their partner on every household function.

FS_Win Executives P6 TakingChargeGraph

Ownership of personal financial tasks

Respondents also reported owning more personal financial responsibility. 

FS_Win Executives P6 OwnershipGraph


Executives were asked whether they could relate to a variety of statements about responsibilities at work and home. Here are some highlights.

FS_Win Executives P6 WhatFeelsGraph

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