Roles and Stresses at Home also Vary by Gender

Assumptions about gender roles were challenged by survey respondents. Learn about the level of responsibility executives report taking on at home.
The findings


#1 Women Felt Less Positive About Their Role As Primary BreadWinner

Only a third (32%) of women felt positive about their role as a primary breadwinner versus more than half (54%) of men. In fact, 43% of women compared to 17% of men felt negative about their role.

FS_Win-Executives-P9-WomenDealingChart-1But…women felt more comfortable with work/life balance than men.

Another surprising finding is that the executive women in our survey seemed to be feeling better about work/life balance than their male peers.



#2 Men reported taking more than half of caregiving and other household roles

The assumption that women – working or otherwise – take on most of the caregiving and household management duties has been ubiquitous. The executive men in our survey, however, reported bearing a larger proportion of these functions.



FS_Win-Executives-P9-PerceivedExpecChart-1#3   Women reported a more equitable dispersion of financial duties

While all respondents were materially involved in all household financial decisions, there appeared to be less perceived pressure by executive women to fully own all household financial duties.


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